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In March he returned to St Petersburg and rented an apartment from where he set off on the day of the bombing carrying a rucksack and a bag. By speaking to several people who knew Jalilov well, Reuters has been able to piece together a picture of his life in the missing years. FINDING RELIGION According to someone from Osh who worked as a cook alongside Jalilov in a St Petersburg restaurant in 2014, he was an even-tempered young man who did not drink or use swear words. "I would have said firmly that Akbar was not capable of doing anything bad," said the source, using an abbreviation of Jalilov's name. The source asked not to be identified because he did not want the authorities to associate him with a suicide bomber. The two worked in the same outlet of the Sushi Wok restaurant chain. During the course of 2014, said the former work colleague, Jalilov developed an interest in Islam. He prayed, went to the mosque, read the Koran, and started growing a beard. But the source said he did not notice any signs of extremism. The second source, another native of Osh who also worked with Jalilov in St Petersburg, said he too was aware that Jalilov had acquired an interest in religion. But he said Jalilov never tried to push his faith onto anyone else.